Zari Hassan embarrasses Hamisa after filing a case against Diamond Platnumz

And the drama continues.

Zari recently ignited social media after rudely mocking Hamisa for chasing a measly sum of 9,200 Kshs in form of child support from her celebrity boyfriend Diamond.

As you probably know Hamisa ended up with 200,000 TZS or 9,200 Kshs per month which would be deposited by Diamond’s lawyer every month into her account. This amount came as a punishment from Diamond after Hamisa demanded 5 million TZS or 230,000 KES a month as child support.

And to get the child support every month, Hamisa filed a case in court to ensure that her son Dylan is well catered for. A move that has been seen by Zari as a weak b**ch move as a lady should not have to beg for child support because as a man you should automatically give child support.

“Me? I’m gonna ask for child support from you? Like seriously, me now Zari?  I’m gonna ask you? I will walk away with all my dignity. They are your kids, why does a b**ch have to fight for child support he is your child, go support him (Dylan). Why do you have to beg for child support?” She said with contempt as her friend cheered her on and brown-nosed her throughout the Instagram Live video.

Zari then added that if a man will not take responsibility for their child, then some other man will be willing to take up the task. “If you don’t support your kids, its fine n*gga move, move and let the next n*gga take over.”


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