Ringtone's expensive gift to Zari as she lands in Kenya

Zari lands in Kenya today

According to the controversial singer, he has already bought a new Ranger Rover sport 2017, as a gift to her, after realizing that she wanted a new ride.

“Dear Zari, I know you are coming to Kenya anytime from now. I take this opportunity to welcome you to my beloved country. I checked and I realised that you were in church on Sunday am happy because it's only in Jesus that you won't be hurt like Diamond did. Pleaaaase stay in church and in God. You recently posted on your IG that you wanted a Range Rover OK I took note and I want to let the world know today that I have bought you a brand new Range Rover sport 2017 model. Am sorry I know you wanted white but I only managed a black one in color. Please arrange how to pick your key, b4 you leave. While you in Kenya if you need anything let me know I will make sure it's done for you” Wrote Ringtone on his Instagram page

Ringtone has been salivating over Zari for the past few months, declaring his interest of wanting to settle down with her.

During an Inteview, the Gospel artist revealed that he wants Zari to be his friend “and if God decided that she be my wife, why not? I am single, I am successful, I am blessed and dark and handsome” he added.

"Dear Zari Jesus loves you so much na amenitumia Mimi Leo kukuambia kwamba ana mipango poa na wewe. Mimi alinitoa from the streets Mahala sikua na family, Nyumba hata lishe but now magari, hela na amani ninavyo tele. Don't waste time you never know tomorrow. I love you the same way God loves you. Yours faithfully, Ringtone" wrote Ringtone on Instagram


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