Hot Jubilee politician speaks after being kicked out of parliament over ‘indecent’ dressing

She was humiliated during a meeting by her colleagues.

Ms Nyawira was accused of breaking the rules on the dress code in a sleeveless black dress that was considered indecent by Kirimukuyu MCA Anthony Ndagita who ratted her out to the Deputy Speaker Samuel Kariuki.

This new dress code was implemented by Speaker John Kaguchia after another MCA complained that the miniskirts female MCA’s wore were ‘distracting ’ them when they are talking about serious issues.

Following her ejection, Ms Nyawira has not taken the humiliation lying down. Speaking to Nairobi News she said that her male colleagues are just out to humiliate women and the only mistake she made was wearing a casual dress.

“My dress length was below the knee and the only issue is that it was sleeveless. It was intentional because it was a hot day.” Ms Nyawira said.

Before adding that MCAs should focus on serious matters rather than how their colleagues are dressed.

“This is not the first time the issue of the dress code is being brought up in the assembly. We feel like our male colleagues are out to humiliate women. When a member focuses on how other MCAs are dressed, we wonder what is the intention of that member. Is it his work to police how others are dressed?”

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