A drunk tourist was left bloodied and dismembered after he jumped into a crocodile pool and had an arm ripped off by the man eaters while his head was clamped in their jaws.

Collin Miller, 21, had inexplicably decided to break into a crocodile cage at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, South Africa, whilst out boozing.

Incredibly he escaped with his life after the three crocodiles released the blood-soaked tourist to fight over his torn off arm allowing a worker and another man to drag the tourist to safety.


The Zimbabwe Chronicle reported that the drama happened when the group reached a brewery that had a crocodile pond on the premises.

Eyewitnesses said Mr Miller, reputedly the worse for wear, went into the kitchen at the Victoria Falls River Brewing Company and jumped out a window.

He then climbed over a perimeter fence into the brewery's crocodile pond.


Three crocodiles were in the pool at the time when the wedding guest is said to have taken off his shirt and jumped in.

Terrified onlookers said the crocodiles went into a feeding frenzy with one reptile ripping off Collin’s arm and another clamping its jaws around his head and shaking.

Fortunately for him the crocodile that had his head was said to have let go and chased after the crocodile with Collin's arm allowing two brave rescuers to grab him.