Nigerian actor plans to wed sex doll which he has already bought a car

He has already bought the doll a car

The actor known to his fans as Shuga Shaa has admitted that he is in a relationship with a sex doll named Tonto Shaa, and plans to marry The pampered doll sports a wig, polished finger nails and wears jewellery and expensive perfumes - and now has her own car.


Shuga Shaa has been spotted going to the cinema and driving around with her on some occasions.Some fans expressed disappointment and disgust, even describing him as a "mad man" and a "psychopath". Others put it all down to humour and played along with him.Shuga Shaa has hit out at critics, saying, "Tonto was produced by a human like you and I. There is no spirit in her."


He told BBC Igbo that his mother is aware of his relationship with Tonto Shaa and doesn't mind at all and said he planned to marry the doll."Tonto Shaa is a lady and should be treated as such," Shuga Shaa said.

"She gives me peace of mind, zero drama, there is no chance of suffering a heartbreak from her."


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