Man who fled leaving woman with Ksh 13,000 hotel bill strikes again

Most of his victims are from dating site apps

Gonzales first made headlines in March of last year, after ditching two women on separate dates in Pasadena, California, and leaving them with expensive restaurant bills.

One of victims told news reporters that she had checked online and had discovered stories of at least two other women conned by the same man, going back one year.


The bad publicity he got last year, following extensive media coverage of his exploits, doesn’t seem to have bothered the dine-and-dash dater too much, as just a few days ago two more women came forward to complain about being left with the bill.

One of Gonzales’ most recent victims, who preferred to remain anonymous, told CNN affiliate KCAL that she had met the man on a dating app and agreed to go on a date with him.

After enjoying a scrumptious dinner and two cups of coffee, the man reportedly started talking about his sick aunt and how worried he was about her.

Ksh 13,000

Then he excused himself to get the charger for his phone from the car, but never came back, leaving her to cover the $130 (Ksh 13,000) bill.

“He ordered a salad with shrimp, filet mignon – yeah, he went all out,” the woman said. “All of a sudden he’s all, ‘Oh my charger – my phone’s dying and I’m waiting on a call from my mom about my aunt.'”

“I didn’t bring it up to the restaurant – nothing,” the victim added. “I think I was more embarrassed. My pride was just like – you know? I felt dumb.”


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