Boxer kills girlfriend for lying about being a virgin

He said she kept coming back to him when he tried to break up with her after meeting on Tinder

However, Chu discovered that she was cheating on him and that she had sex with several men she met on Tinder. Chu, who is an amateur MMA fighter and boxer, tried to break up with the woman, but she refused to let him go.


Yee-min’s brother Francis Huang appealed to police and to the public for help in searching for his sister after she did not return home and she did not answer her phone for several days.

Police went to the home of Chu but they did not find the woman. A few days after her disappearance, Chu was found hanging in an apparent suicide.

Police reviewed security videos from his home and saw Yee-min entering his home, but she never left. Chu was seen carrying 7 bags out of the home.


He then dumped the contents of the bag at the flower garden of his apartment complex. After checking the garden, police found the woman’s dismembered body parts.

Police found a suicide note in which Chu wrote: “she wronged me.”

They also found a message on his Facebook page, which he sent before his death, saying: “after we met on Tinder, she lied to me, saying she was a virgin.”

He went on to say that “never once did I hurt her or restricted her freedom” and that “she kept coming back to me when I tried to break up with her.”


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