The worlds hairiest person speaks out

He grooms his hair once a month, but it always grows back quite quickly

Born with the incredibly rare disorder, Hypertrichosis, Larry Gomez, of San Bernardino, California, has been nicknamed the 'Wolf Man', thanks to 98% of his body – including his face - being coated by thick, dark hair.

The genetic disorder – which also affects a number of his family members – caused Larry to be severely bullied as a child, ostracizing him as a result of his appearance.

Affecting less than 100 people worldwide, 'Wolf Man' Larry – whose real name is Victor - has finally learned to embrace his difference, as he now proudly boasts his status as the world's hairiest man.

Larry's newfound confidence also helped him find love, after recently marrying his sweetheart, Alicia Martinez, whom he met when searching for an apartment in 2011.

Urging others to look beyond appearances and get to know the person beneath, Larry is hoping to use his story to inspire others to be confident in their own skin.

Filmmaker Travis Hoefle, who runs the YouTube Channel 'Wizard of Odd TV', flew out from Chicago to meet with the iconic 'Wolf Man.'

He said: "Larry has three other family members who suffer from the condition, spread out over five generations.

"The women are covered with a light to medium coat of hair, while the men of the family have thick hair, covering most of their bodies.

"[Larry] was bullied as a kid for the way he looks, but now he wants other people to accept him, and others, who look different.

"He grooms his hair once a month, but it always grows back quite quickly.

"Larry has completely embraced his difference, saying he has never known anything else – it is what it is.


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