According to research, every one in ten women have never had an orgasm.

Generally, women struggle more to reach an orgasm as compared to men. But worry not. If you have been having problems achieving your big O, below are tips that should help you get it with more ease:

1. Open sexual communication

The reason why some women are yet to have an orgasm despite having sex regularly is poor communication. Different women have different sexual needs and you should feel free to ask your partner for what you want without any shame. Also, give your partner positive feedback whenever they are doing it right.

2. Anticipation

Anticipate to have a good sexual encounter all day through. You can do this by sending your partner suggestive messages, engage him in a suggestive conversation over dinner or put on your lingerie in preparation for the moment.

3. Foreplay

Invest as much time as possible in fore play to increase the chances of having an orgasm. Unlike men, women’s body need more time to get prepared for sex. Foreplay helps to lubricate the genitals as well as get filled with blood thus increasing the sensitivity.

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4. Know your body

If you do not understand your body, he too will not. Knowing your most erogenous zones will help you get your big O as you can direct him on what to do or where to touch. Closely examine your genitals and know which part feels comfortable, which one hurts, and which one feels good when touched.

5. Concentrate on the moment

Cast all your financial worries and family fights away for that moment. Any distractions in your mind that are drawing you away will make it difficulty for you to climax. Think about nothing else apart from reaping maximum pleasure from the current moment.

6. Clitoral stimulation

For most women, penetration sex is not enough to give them an orgasm. Try different positions and find one that allows for maximum clitoral stimulation. Positions like woman on top makes it easier to access the clitoris for touch by your partner or yourself.

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