Why Hillary Clinton and Raila Odinga DO NOT deserve to be President

These two political schemers will always be at the ballot box. Always be at the podium talking big. And always be out here seeking to be elected and promising to bring change to the Highest Office on the Land.


Both have worked their butts rising through the murk of activism, school unions and political profiteering to emerge as their respective countries pre-eminent political behemoths whose families have their tentacles spread out far and wide across the entire political and business world.

Hillary Clinton, just like Raila Odinga, has spent almost all of her entire adult life in politics - she's been the First Lady of Arkansas back when her husband was Governor, she's been the New York senator, First Lady of America during Bill Clintons tenure and a scandal-ridden Secretary of State during the first installment of the Obama administration.

Even in 2008, Hilary ran against Obama, then a dashing Democratic superstar and lost badly. It's a shattering loss she has never come to terms with and a loss, according to some White House insiders, she has never forgiven Obama for.

Throughout her public life, as has been pointed out by many reputable publications, Hilary has been a controversial figure - divisive, greedy, money-hungry, cunning, wily and manipulative.

Of late, the Democratic Candidate has been embroiled in a never-ending email scandal that has exposed her incredible carelessness and impropriety when handling classified material and correspondence.

And even when she was Secretary of state, Hillary is said to have been a prudish, problematic individual who felt entitled and who would, sometimes, keep Obama waiting for hours as she took her sweet time to honor meetings and invitations.

Even her own Secret Service detail has described her as an intolerable witch who instills fear and terror across anyone who is around her - and beneath her.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Candidate for President

Her handlers paint a picture of a terrorsome serpent who toils harder than an ant and who has very little social life, very few genuine smiles, a very frozen personality and overbearing character.

For over three decades, Hillary - and her husband - has been a permanent fixture in American politics.

She's a skilled career politician who has, in her interactions in politics her proximity to power, illegally benefited immensely from her connections and status with most of her activities being branded illegal and corrupt.

As one of America's most detested racketeers, Hillary charges a whole lot of millions of dollars to give speeches in America and around the World.

Hillary has gone to bed with corrupt Wall street individuals at night, pocketed huge sums of donations and payments to her from the financial lords and come out to condemn and barrage them in public.

Lately, it has emerged that Hillary, through her Clinton Foundation, numerously received hundreds of millions of dollars from corrupt and murderous world regimes just so she could extend them a little favor and grace while she was Secretary of state.

Hillary, even more than Trump, is a deeply-flawed individual who has masters the art of political skulduggery, corruption, profiteering and indelicacy for her own selfish sake.

From the Whitewater scandal to Benghazi to the private emails and to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary is a deep a corrupt individual as the worst of the greedy thugs that surround despots like Robert Mugabe.

To the public, Hillary loves to project the image of the Savior of the people while in reality, she could be worse than the worst American president.

No other American politicians —even ones as corrupt as Richard Nixon, or as hated by partisans as George W. Bush —have fostered the creation of a permanent multimillion-dollar cottage industry devoted to attacking them like Mrs. Clinton.

A poster perfectly describing Mrs Hillary Clinton

Hillary's depraved obsession with power and influence can be dated back to her days as First Lady as she's reported to have been a cruel, ruthless machine who silenced and intimidated tens of hapless women who her concupiscent husband had had improper sexual relating with.

But through it all, Hillary silenced her husband's accusers, all of whom were women, while she still stands tall on podiums and venues to brag about her women's rights record and transparency.

Raila Odinga, just like Hillary Clinton, has been in public life all his adult life.

He first shot to the limelight after the botched 1982 coup that he helped bring together and then, after a series of detentions and many run-ins with the law and the KANU autocracy, emerged to brand himself the hero of the downtrodden and the architect of the new revolution also called the Second Liberation.

But despite his intense public activities and many monumental moments, Railas frenzied political career lacks any tangible results.

There's no major landmark that can be attached to Raila Odinga's name. His Kibera Constituency, after all the years he had been representing it, lacks any reasonable progress or anything that can proudly be attributed to the man.

Odinga's entire career has benefited from the poverty of the masses, the demonization of a Government he clearly had deep ties to, the pandering of a Savior narrative and widespread political lobbying.

Raila Odinga and his CORD cabal addressing a Press Conference

Raila, just like Hillary Clinton, also has been a donor beneficiary who has traveled far and wide to talk, lobby, give lofty speeches on world governance and democracy but practices very little of that on his own inner circle, own party and even in his family.

And just like Hilary Clinton, who has transformed the Presidency and global power into a family affair, to be dominated and enjoyed by just her, her treacherous husband and close billionaire associates, Raila Odinga also has roped in his whole family into his father's political Empire, with his own siblings holding public office in Kisumu and doing very little to even warrant their positions.

There's talk that Raila is also grooming his own daughter Rosemary Odinga to take up the Kibera seat he sat on for so long only to leave having done absolutely nothing for the impoverished masses who languish and live in absolute despondency in the feculent trenches and dark valleys of the expansive slum.

Raila and Hillary are career politicians whose sole interest is power and a wicked desire to not only protect their 'legacies' but also to remain relevant, powerful and influential while at the same time using their positions to wield more power, expand their horizons further, spread out their family tentacles and give handouts and undeserving deals and privileges to their benefactors and corrupt wealthy cronies.

The notion that Raila Odinga can fight corruption effectively should be laughed at and dismissed with epic derision.

Rosemary Odinga on a campaign podium Photo/Facebook

The idea that Raila Odinga can tackle poverty, wealth imbalance, inequality, nepotism and joblessness should be scoffed at and spat on by any person who has witnessed how terrible Raila as been at wealth-creation, how perfect he has been at dishing out powerful positions and offices to his family and cronies and how terrible he has been at sticking to one ideal, policy and consistent.

Raila, like Hillary Clinton, has gone to bed with warmongering brutes, corrupt drug trafficking gangsters, experts of money-embezzlement, political disasters and pea-brained underworld mafias. Raila, like Clinton, has accepted massive dirty donations and done business with the trashiest and most atrocious regimes and leaders so long as he stood to benefit and his name remained at the top.

Raila will throw a childish tantrum about a stolen election but will waste no time in stealing one himslef. In probably a  bigger and grander scale than that of Kenyatta and Kibaki combined.

The only area in which Hillary perhaps excels best than Raila is her unquestionable devotion to tangible  public service even when she was still mired knee-deep in corrupt deal after corrupt deal, still tangled in massive office incompetence (Benghazi raid) and still focused solely on herself and the advancement of the lousy Clinton agenda.

Raila Odinga wowing masses in a slum

People like Hillary and Raila Odinga have cultivated the perfect public image that seems to endear them to the public as they keep their wicked quest for power and influence at an all time high - but very cleverly masked from the public.

These characters will do anything, say anything and haul themselves into all political duels and presidential campaigns not because they have any real change they want to effect, not because they can actually change the status quo and make radical governance change, not because they can give people a fresh breath and a clean break from political ineptitude but because they're too drunk in their own personalities, because they're too focused on their larger than life characters and because they solely want to eternally play with power, have access to dirty millions, enjoy the privileges of high offices and give back to their fraudulent, wealthy backers.

A Clinton presidency just like a Raila presidency is a terrible waste of time and effort.

It's an extension of power to two deeply-flawed pretentious individuals who only care about their status and who will stop at nothing to get to the top and who only do it for their own sake and that of their families.

Hillary is definitely NOT what America needs right now.

And Raila Odinga, who has also been called the Lord of Poverty, is definitely not what Kenya needs.

America needs a radical leader who will save them from the Washington filibustring. A leader who does not have deep ties with the shadiest and the most unethical donors and backers like Hillary.

Her Presidency promises nothing new to the fatigued American people. Just like Raila's presidency would be a total waste of precious time if we are looking for a leader who is actually committed to not only slaying the dragon of corruption but also uniting a Country as divided as ours.

Raila is the true face of divisiveness, corruption and lack of integrity. But you would never know.

These two shrewd political schemers will always be at the ballot box. Always be at the podium talking big. And always be out here seeking to be elected and promising to bring change to the Highest Office on the Land.

But these two are also the biggest, most incompetent and most crooked souls the World has ever seen. But still, they keep their political games going.

And Hillary might actually win this thing.

I weep for America.


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