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10 reasons why cheating is bad for you

It's time to pick a struggle.

Cheating is bad for you.

1. You become a doubting Thomas

Because your partner trusts you not to cheat yet you are doing it, what are the chances that your partner is cheating too?

2. You become paranoid


You jump when your partner touches your phone, you follow them around the house when they come over, you practically hold your breath everytime they start scrolling your gallery because you are scared of being caught.

3. It complicates your relationship

Everything said sounds like its meant to have a hidden meaning. You constantly have to remember your lies and your conversations change from being easy and chilled to an interrogation of some sort. And because you are okay with cheating, gradually you’ll be OK with lying, stealing, being selfish, insulting even being violent.

4. The guilt will silence you

And in no simple way. You can't speak to God, you cannot confidently defend a belief or call out people who are participating in other immoral acts without feeling judged yourself because all of it feels hypocritical.


5. You damage your character

You will constantly question your identity as an honorable person and instead of hanging out with people who will correct you, chances are your best friend will be whoever embraces your wrong doing.

6. Your reputation is at stake

When caught, you immediately turn from a cool person to a lying douchebag in the eyes of your hurt partner and all your friends. See what it's done to Jay-Z and his fan base.

7. Your career too...


Other than burning essential bridges for your businesses' success, you could also lose your job if the affair was with a fellow colleague.

8. You damage your relationship with your children

Most children assume that their parents' relationship is the best love story to ever be told. Infidelity, when discovered, will definitely tarnish their ideology of how love should be and of course, they will always remember what you did.

9. It's very expensive

You end up spending so much money, energy and time on something temporary instead of focusing on growing yourself and your relationship with your true partner. Suddenly you won’t have time for what is important in your life.


10. It isolates you

Because you don't want confrontation, chances are, you will stop hanging out with friends who will call you out for you cheating. It will also create a distance between you and your partner because you know in the back of your mind that them finding out may render you single.

On the other side, your partner will be crushed but after a while, he or she will get over you and find someone better.

Simply put, do not cheat!


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