Avoid these foods if you are breastfeeding

Eat them sparingly


If you are nursing, you need to watch what you take down your gut. It affects the breast milk.

While not all babies will react to some foods, there are some foods you should keep at bay for the sake of the baby’s health. Or simply eat them sparingly.

Here are some of them:

1. Cow milk

Cow milk is rich in healthy proteins but which can be problematic to the baby. The baby might suffer allergic reactions when the mother consumes dairy products hence the need to go slow on them or completely avoid them until when the baby is older enough.

2. Coffee

Once you take coffee, the caffeine ends up in your breast milk and this is no good news for the baby. The baby’s system is still not strong enough to excrete the caffeine and this may lead to irritation or sleeplessness. Too much caffeine can also decrease the iron in your breast milk which in return affects the baby’s hemoglobin levels.

3. Chocolate

Just like coffee, chocolate has caffeine and you should watch your baby closely to see how it behaves after you have eaten some few bars. If the baby becomes fussy or has runny poop, you need to eliminate it completely.

4. Citrus fruits

Craving for Vitamin C? Grab a piece of pineapple but not an orange. The baby’s digestive system is still delicate and can get irritated if the mother consumes citrus fruits. The baby may also have gas problems.

5. Alcohol

I know this is no brainer but it has to be on the list just in case you are tempted to drink and breastfeed. If you have to drink, wait for the one to two hours for the alcohol to be metabolized so that you can breastfeed again.

6. Fish

Fish that are high in mercury may affect the baby’s neurological developments. Some fish that are high in mercury include; swordfish, mackerel, and shark. Tilapia, tuna, and salmon, on the other hand, are low in mercury and are thus better for breastfeeding moms.


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