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Beauty benefits of strawberries you need to know

They are not just sweet

Beauty benefits of strawberries (Liberal America)

They might seem small but they are a powerhouse of nutrients that your body needs. Strawberries are good for your overall health and they are also good for your skin, teeth and even hair. Vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and folate are some of the nutrients contained in strawberries.

Apart from that, they are super sweet which is some good news for the sweet tooths. Check out some amazing beauty benefits of strawberries below:

They help in acne


If you are struggling with acne, you should probably try using strawberries to get rid of it. Thanks to the antioxidants present in strawberries, they help in the prevention and treatment of acne.

Mix a paste of strawberries wit Aloe Vera gel and olive oil. Apply in on your face and leave it for like half an hour. Wash your face normally before moisturizing. Repeat this procedure until you achieve the desired results.

Teeth whitening

Want whiter teeth? Then try strawberries. It’ as simple as rubbing the berries back and forth on your teeth and rinsing.


Manage oily skin

Oily skin is more prone to acne due to clogging of the pores. Make a strawberry mask, apply it on your face and get rid of the excess oils.

Exfoliate your skin

How often do you exfoliate your skin? It’s advisable that you do it at least twice a week. It’s even more beneficial if you have acne or blackheads. To come up with a homemade facial scrub, mix sugar, strawberries and olive oil. You can also use this exfoliator for soft and smooth lips.


Get rid of puffy eyes

Didn’t get enough sleep? Don’t worry. No one will ask you why you got puffy and dark circles around your eyes because strawberries will do a perfect job. Just like you’d do with the cucumbers, slice the berry into half and place it on your eyelids. After 15 minutes, your eyes will be looking fresh and awake.


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