Top 6 worst make up trends ever seen

Worst beauty trends ever

But sometimes even with all the literature surrounding functional, eye popping and event-appropriate style, the mark is still missed by a mile.

Here are 6 of the worst ever beauty and make up trends.

Bubble nail polish

You overlay your nails with as much polish as is possible. How this even left the ideas room boggles the mind.

Darker lip liner

We all did this in the early 2000s. It’s not flattering, artistic or anything.

Whatever this is

Eyeshadow is your friend. Not your poncho. It doesn’t need to wrap around everything.

Ghost facing

I’m not sure what the technical term for it is, but once upon a time, nearly every Kenyan woman loved to have a pale face. Along with their darker lined lips, they liked having a pale ghostly appearance ending up looking like their faces had a fight with baby powder and the face lost.

Shiny makeup

If it didn’t have a near blinding sheen, it needed glitter.

Eyebrow hell

I still don’t understand what happens when these eyebrows get this kind of treatment. Makes one almost wish for an eyebrow protection agency- some kind of fashion police wing.

Set one up. Seriously.


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