How to prevent sagging breasts

Things women should do to keep the girls perky

Sometimes, this is unavoidable due to reasons like weight gain.

However some habits can be taken up or abandoned to keep them perky- should that be the preference- and without having to resort to plastic surgery.

Here are nine things to do to prevent sagging breasts.

1. Drink orange juice

Breast tissue needs vitamin B and C to build supportive elastic tissue and collagen which helps them maintain their shape.

Taking a glass of orange juice every morning can help keep the girls perky.

2. Avoid junk food

As a woman continues to develop, her breasts become a haven for adipose tissue. The breasts become a fat repository. Eating fatty foods increases chances of more fat being stored in the bosom which could make them flop.

3. Weight loss

Rapid weight loss whereby a lot of weight was lost over a short period of time could lead to droopy boobs.

Wearing a fitted bra during your exercises should help prevent too much drooping.

4. Stop smoking

Smoking makes the skin around your chest become stretched  and damaged.

5. Moisturize the girls

Applying lotion every night on the breasts helps keep the skin supple.

Recommended lotions are shea butter.

6. Stop wearing loose pajamas

While most people recommend sleeping without a bra, but wearing a fitted breathable bra can help your breasts maintain a sturdy shape.

7. Protect them from the sun

When in the sun, ensure the girls are protected from sun damage which dehydrates the skin making it damaged and eventually saggy.

8. Wear the right bra


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