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Butt acne is real but these natural remedies might help

It can be very uncomfortable

Butt acne (50BOLD)

Whether the acne is on your face, neck, back or butt, it can be troublesome. It’s especially so if the pimples are itchy or painful. I know it sounds strange but yes, you can get acne on your bum. Now imagine having an itchy bum or some annoying irritation that forces you to sit like you are just about to fly. Horrible, right?

Before we even look at what to do and the natural remedies, we have for butt acne, let’s look at what causes it. First, butt acne is not like face acne and it’s caused by something different. Therefore, the face cream you are using to deal with the acne on your face will not work on your bum.

What causes butt acne?


While face acne is caused by acne vulgaris, butt acne is caused by a condition known as folliculitis. You get face breakouts when the pores of your skin get clogged by dirt, dead skin cells and oils. On the other hand, you get folliculitis when the hair follicles get clogged and infected with bacteria. The two conditions look very similar which is why people tend to think that they are one and the same thing.

Natural remedies for butt acne

1. Saltwater


Salt has always been used in treating bacterial infections for years. Washing your bum with salt water may help sterilize the area and naturally treat the infection. You can either take a bath with warm salt water or simply massage the area with a cloth soaked in warm saltwater.

2. Wear loose clothing

Tight clothing creates a good breeding environment due to heat and the sweating. Wearing loose clothing will not just do justice to your private parts but also your bum if you have acne around there. Go for cotton underwear and skimp on your jeans until you recover.

3. More hygiene


If you bathe once a day, consider doing it twice a day. Antibacterial soap will also help in getting rid of the bacteria in the area. The goal should be to keep your bum area as clean as possible to avoid multiplication of bacteria.

4. Shower after exercising

Don’t stay long before taking a shower after leaving the gym. You don’t want sweat around that area lest it makes the condition worse. Also, be sure not to re-use your gym outfit.

If the above remedies do not work or the butt acne seems to be getting worse or turns into a boil, see your doctor.



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