6 causes of preterm birth every woman should know

Take caution

Mother and baby(Blackbox Nigeria)

If you get a baby before week 37, it’s considered as preterm birth and the baby is said to be premature. The baby will be having all the organs, but they are usually not ready to come to the world. And, they may also be underweight.

At times, the baby may need to be put in a nursery first until the doctors are convinced that they are safe to leave the hospital. Also, a premature baby might have long life health effects. There is no specific way of preventing preterm births. All the same, if you know what causes it, you can at least try and reduce the risk factors.

Some common reasons why you may get a premature baby include:

1. Failing to attend prenatal clinics

It’s recommended to start the antenatal visits as soon as you learn that you are pregnant. Sadly, this is not what people do. Some women skip the visits until when they have a health issue. Going for antenatal checkups help monitor the development of the baby and identify any possible risks that could lead to preterm birth.

2. Smoking

You had better stopped smoking once you know you are pregnant. The nicotine present in cigarettes could prevent the baby from getting enough Oxygen. It also causes early labour leading to preterm birth.

3. Infections

In most cases, your immunity will be put to test during pregnancy. It’s usually more weakened than usual at this time and you can easily fall sick. It’s always best to seek treatment each time you fall sick during pregnancy. Certain infections such as those of the kidney could lead to preterm birth.

4. Hypertension

Generally, high blood pressure is not good for you. But it’s even worse during pregnancy because it can lead to low birth weight as well as premature a baby.

5. Diabetes

When pregnant, your body may need more sugar to nourish the growing baby. If your body is not able to produce enough or make use of the insulin produced during pregnancy, you might end up getting a premature baby. If you already have diabetes at the time of conception, talk to your doctor about its control and management.

6. Cervical problems

Sometimes the cervix is not fit enough to support the pregnancy to terms. The good thing is that you can have the cervix closed to prevent dilating prior to the due date.


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