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All you need to know about the keto diet and weight loss

It has its risks

Keto diet for weight loss(hiptoro)

For a while now, people have been going crazy about the ketogenic diet for weight loss. I mean, who wouldn’t want to lose those pounds without having to break a sweat? But before you go keto like the rest, you need to know what it is about and how ketosis works.

Basically, your body’s main source of fuel is carbs. You get carbs from eating foods such as legumes, vegetables, potatoes, whole grains and others. However, when you are on a ketogenic diet, you deprive your body of carbs and feed it with more fats. This way, the body is forced to make use of stored fats as a source of energy. This process of converting stored fat into molecules (ketones) is what is referred to as ketosis. When your body gets to this point, it uses the ketones as a source of fuel until the next time you consume carbohydrates. This means that the more your body uses the stored fats, the more fat you lose hence the weight loss.

So what do you eat when on keto diet?


If you are going the keto way, you will have to quit most of your favourites since the diet involves more fats, not so much proteins and very few carbs. You will also have to stop eating fruits and some vegetables since most of them are high in carbs.

Usually, you are supposed to be eating less than 50g of carbs every day. Less than 50g of carbs in a day is approximately not more than three slices of bread. Then, the fats take the highest percentage followed by proteins which must be taken in moderation. Both saturated and unsaturated fats are welcome. Avocados, fatty fish, nuts, olive oil, bacon, whole eggs and dark chocolates are some of the fats you can rely on when on a keto diet.

Does the keto diet really work?

Most people swear by this diet and we have seen celebrities join into the craze. Some studies have found that indeed, a low carb diet like the keto diet indeed helps one to lose weight.


One particular study that sought to find out the long term effects of keto diet also found that it did help people to lose weight. In the study, 83 obese patients were put on keto diet and their results observed after a period of 16-20 weeks. The study reported that the patients’ body mass index and their weight reduced significantly after the treatment.

The side effects of keto diet

While the ketogenic diet may give you the results you want, the risk is that it’s not a sustainable lifestyle. Think about it; for how long can you eat fatty foods? Most people get nauseated by a lot of fats which might also be a contributing factor to weight loss when on keto diet.

As such, the results of the diet tend to be only short-lived and people find themselves going back to their earlier eating habits hence going back to their unhealthy weight.


The other downside of ketogenic diet is that you might miss on some important nutrients since you are not eating enough fruits and vegetables.

If you want to lose weight, it’s best to look for a sustainable solution. Look for a healthy routine you can continue the practice even after you have hit your target so that you do not regain unhealthy weight.


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