Face masks mistakes that you could be making unknowingly

Face masks pull out impurities from the skin

charcoal face mask

Face masks are a great skincare routine that you should adopt if you are not already doing it. Using the right face mask can help in pulling out impurities from your skin, hydrating your skin, and tightening it. But you only get to enjoy the benefits of masking if you do it correctly.

Have you been using your face masks correctly? Maybe you are not even sure and it’s okay because, by the end of this article, you will know where you have been going wrong.

Have a look at these mistakes that you need to stop making while masking your face:

1. You don’t cleanse your face before masking

Do not make this mistake. You might think that you can always cleanse afterwards but no, it shouldn’t be that way. You are layering your dirty skin with something else on top product and this can reduce the effectiveness of the face mask.

2. You do not wash your hands

You already know that you should not be touching your face from time to time. With all the bacteria that our hands pick from different surfaces, you will want to first clean them before using them to apply the mask.

3. You forget your skin type

Just like you put into consideration your skin type when choosing a moisturizer, do the same before buying a face mask. If your skin is oily, consider going for a mattifying face mask. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, go for a hydrating face mask to prevent your skin from drying more.

4. You don’t moisturize after masking

Masking should always be followed up by an appropriate moisturizer. Otherwise, you might end up with dry and ashy skin.

5. You leave it on for too long

If the instructions indicate that you should rinse your face after 15 minutes, do that. You might be led to believe that you benefit more by leaving the mask on for an hour but that might result in dry skin.


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