Clever ways to hide your big belly

Proportions are your weapon of lass destruction

Fashion for big men.

1. Embrace dark colors

Darker colors like navy, black, gray, and charcoal have a slimming effect that has kept men with big bellies looking good for a very long time. This is because it is much harder to notice small difference brought about any extra flesh leading to creasing and pulling.

2. Tailor your suits

one of the biggest mistakes men make with suits is that they opt for a larger size, especially if they are trying to hide the weight. Find yourself a good tailor and let him make more space for your chubby areas while slimming everything else.

3. Slim your pants

Son, those pastor pants just don’t cut it. While no one is asking you to wear skinny jeans (still really stylish), slimming down your pants will do wonders for your belly.

4. Get shirts that fit

No girl is going to smile back at you that if the buttons on your shirt look like they are about to pop. Plus it must be quite uncomfortable. Find a size that allows you to move freely. Not only will it boost your confidence, it’s going to hide that tummy.

5. Tuck in

Wait, I’ve got a point here.

First of all, it cleans up your look and makes you look confident in with your gut. After all, confidence is sexy and girls dig a man with a bit of it.

6. Be-friend low rise jeans

These hide your belly as they don’t stop right before your tummy. just one thing, DO NOT TUCK IN when rocking these babies.

7. Don’t wear muscle T-shirts

As the name suggests, it’s meant for men who’ve been lifting weights, not just carrying them. (Said with much love). You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard.

8. Proportions are your weapon of lass destruction

According to Complex,  people won't notice your gut when you're rocking slim pants with a longer T-shirt and slim hoodie. It creates the illusion of exaggerated proportions, so people won't know where your stomach starts or even see your spare tire poking through your shirt. Plus, it's a way to hop on the street goth trend without going full turbo.

9. Find a jacket

This draw attention away from your bulging stomach. As long as your pants fit well, you’ll be good to go.

10. First of all your posture is everything

Here’s a trick us ladies use to keep that tummy looking flat practice how to hold in your breathe as you walk and go about your daily routine. Not only will this help with ACTUALLY LOSING the bulge in the long run (tightening your muscles is considered exercise in the gym world) but it will give the illusion that your


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