A romantic moment can easily turn sour just because of bad breath. If you are a garlic lover, you may be well familiar with the breath that follows its consumption.

Besides its numerous benefits, garlic also gives your food that good aroma that attracts people from afar.

However, what follows is an awful breath that would scare anyone who comes close to you. Instead of giving up on this nutritious vegetable, learning to deal with its horrors is the best thing you could do.

Here are five simple ways on how to get rid of that garlic breath:

1. Parsley

Eating parsley is known to reduce the odor in your mouth caused by garlic. Its fresh scent freshens up your mouth and also has some cleansing abilities. While the odor may not disappear instantly, it will surely save you the embarrassment of a stinking mouth.

2. Milk

Research has showed that milk has compounds that can significantly reduce the odorous components produced by garlic. Whole milk is preferred to fat free milk. So, after finishing up your garlic flavored meal, take down a glass of milk.

3. Brush your teeth and tongue

It sounds very obvious but people just assume that the odor will magically disappear. Never on this earth. If you want to get rid of garlic breath, you must brush your teeth and tongue thoroughly to at least remove any garlic particles stuck in your mouth.

4. Mouth wash

Brushing your teeth and tongue is not enough to get rid of garlic breath. Therefore, for the odor to disappear fast, swish your mouth using mouth wash. If possible, choose a strong flavored mouth wash such as mint for the odor to disappear faster.

5. Plenty of liquids

Drink lots of water, mint tea or lemonade. You can also eat the lemon itself or drink lemon water as lemon aids in killing bacteria and fighting the bad breath. A shot of alcohol too would do as it also kills the bacteria in the mouth.

6. Cook it

If you can’t stand its breath, it’s likely that no one else can stand it either. So, cook your garlic to reduce the odor but be informed that its nutritional value will be compromised by the heat.

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