Surprising benefits of donating blood

How many times have you donated blood?

Benefits of donating blood(afro.who)

Have you ever donated blood? If not, you should. Because donating blood will not only help in saving lives but you also benefit in the process. Unless your religion or health status does not allow you to be a donor, then there is nothing else to be afraid of.

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Here are some of the ways you benefit by donating blood:

1. Reduced rate of heart disease

If not for any other reason, then donate blood for the sake of your heart health. Studies show that people who donate blood at least once in a year had lower chances of getting a heart attack. High levels of iron in the blood leads to constriction of the blood vessels increasing the risk of heart diseases.

2. Reduced risk of cancer

Lives are lost each day to cancer. Studies have linked iron to increased radical damage which leads to faster aging, cancer and other chronic diseases. Each time you donate blood, your iron levels dip reducing your risk of various types of cancers.

3. Weight loss

Although you can’t use blood donation as a means to lose weight, it helps burn calories. One study showed that when you donate one pint of blood, you burn 650 calories.

4. Production of new blood cells

When you donate blood, your body tries to replace the blood. New blood cells are produced which replenishes your system and also helps your body to function more efficiently.

5. Healthy liver

The body only absorbs the amount of iron it needs. If there is too much in the body, the excess amounts are deposited to the liver and the pancreas. This may in return lead to liver cirrhosis ad liver failure. 


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