Simple tips to look good without makeup

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How to look good without makeup

Whether you wear makeup or not, you are still beautiful. And even though makeup adds to your beauty, there are times you just need to give your skin a break. There are also people that prefer to go without makeup for certain reasons.

Whichever the case, you can still look good without wearing makeup. You just need to employ some simple tips and voila, you will have it!

1. Exfoliate twice a week

You already know that exfoliation is an important step towards achieving great skin. But how often do you do it? Once, twice a month or never? Well, if you want to achieve great skin, you need to ensure that you exfoliate at least twice a week. Exfoliation leaves your skin feeling smooth, refreshed and it also gets rid of the dead skin.

2. Keep your smile bright

Sure, some lipsticks do help in making your teeth look whiter. But how about making them white for real instead of just creating an illusion? A bright smile will makes you look prettier and it gives you confidence knowing that your teeth aren’t stained. Apart from brushing your teeth twice a day, make sure you also visit a dentist for cleaning and checkups.

3. Take care of your lips

When exfoliating your face, you shouldn’t forget your lips. Chapped lips aren’t pleasant and not even lipstick will make them look better. Moisturize them regularly to avoid drying and cracking.

4. Brush your eyebrows

You don’t have to use a pencil to fill in your eyebrows and make them look great. Especially if you already have thick natural eyebrows, just brush them nicely and make sure they are well-shaped. You can see how to grow thick eyebrows here.

5. Moisturize correctly

Are you guilty of cleansing your face at night and going to bed without moisturizing? That’s wrong because you are prompting your skin to produce more sebum which increases the risk of breakouts. To get that glowing look, you need to start moisturizing every time you wash your face. Also, make sure you don’t wait until your face is completely dry to moisturize. You need to lock in maximum moisture.

6. Eat right and hydrate

Eat a balanced diet and drink enough water every day. With time, you will see results.

7. Be a sleeping beauty

No, we are not saying you sleep the whole day and night. But sleep is paramount since your skin regenerates faster when you are asleep. Also, inadequate sleep might give you the dark, under-eye circles that we all hate.


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