By now, you already know that sunscreen should be part of your skincare regimen. Applying sunscreen every day helps in protecting your skin from damage by the powerful UV rays which cause premature aging, discoloration, and skin cancer. 

To make sure that your skin is well protected, avoid these mistakes that most people often make:

1. Applying it only on sunny days

Applying sunscreen (Harvard Health)
Applying sunscreen (Harvard Health)

Even on cloudy days, the sun still emits the harmful UV rays and they can still affect your skin. You may not feel the effect like on a sunny day, but the damage is still there. So, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, don’t go outdoors without applying it.

2. You depend on your makeup’s SPF

Just because your moisturizer has SPF doesn’t exempt you from using sunscreen. However great it is to have moisturizer or makeup that contains SPF, it cannot give you enough protection. The SPF is just an added feature in lotions and foundations. You still need to use sunscreen even if your makeup has SPF.

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3. You use it sparingly

Woman applying sunscreen (transfercancun-airport)
Woman applying sunscreen (transfercancun-airport)

With sunscreen, you have to be a bit generous. Apply enough to cover your body in all the important areas for maximum protection. A shot glassful is what most experts recommend in terms of the right amounts.

4. You apply after leaving the house

If you are going to the beach, don’t wait until you get there to apply it. Since it takes some time for your body to absorb the protective ingredients, apply it 30 minutes before going outside.

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5. You only apply it once

Sunscreen mistakes to avoid (bustle)
Sunscreen mistakes to avoid (bustle)

Applying once won’t protect you the entire day especially if you are spending your day outdoors. After an hour or two, you need to reapply. With perspiration and activities like swimming, sunscreen wears out faster.

6. You don’t know which sunscreen to buy

Experts recommend getting a sunscreen that has an SPF of above 30. However, it’s not like you get double protection when you buy one with 60 SPF. As long as you use enough, the 30 SPF sunscreen offers enough protection. If you are going swimming or are going to be sweating, get water-resistant sunscreen.