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Simple tips to get your baby to sleep

Baby can’t sleep? Try these

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Getting a baby to sleep is not easy if you have not figured out how to do it. Sometimes they stay awake when you badly need a rest or you have chores to do. Yet they won’t even let you lay them down without screaming.

In the first few weeks, the baby will cry and sleep for fewer hours. But if you learn how to make them sleep, you might have an easier time and at least rest when they are asleep. Try using these tips to get your baby to sleep:

1. Don’t look them in the eye


It’s not a myth. When the baby is drowsy and you look them directly in the eye, they get stimulated. They think you are signaling them to play and will thus not fall asleep any soon.

2. Put them on bed when they are drowsy

Most moms wait until the baby is completely asleep to put them on bed. But this should not be the case since the long term goal is teaching the baby to fall asleep on their own. Put them on bed when they are sleepy and let them fall asleep on their own. Even when they wake up at night, they will fall asleep without your intervention.

3. Bed time routine


Make a sleeping routine for your baby at an early age. For instance, you can bathe them every day before bed and with time, they will get used to falling asleep after a bath. Dimming the lights and shutting down any noise can also signal your baby that it’s time to sleep.

4. Watch out for their sleeping cues

Watch your baby closely so that you learn how they behave when they are sleepy. If you miss the cues, the baby will get tired and might find it harder to sleep. If they usually cry or become restless when sleepy, that’s the best time to put them on bed.


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