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6 ways your friends are sabotaging your weight loss goals

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Sabotaging weight loss(dailymotion)

Losing weight is not easy. It’s more than just working out and eating right.

In fact, studies show that people who have a support system find it easier to lose weight. Whether it’s your family, friends or a supportive partner, it will be easier than when you are doing it all by yourself. Even so, the same people who are supposed to support you can also bring you down. And sometimes they may not even mean to sabotage your weight loss. They just do it innocently.

Already wondering how on earth your friends could affect your weight loss goals? It’s exactly what I am just about to let you know:

1. They tell you they love you as you are


Haven’t we all had such friends? They tell you that you are perfect and you actually don’t need to lose weight. Why? Because you won’t look good if you shed some pounds. But what about your health? See what am talking about?

2. They say you’ve always been chubby

So what? That because you have always been chubby, you actually can’t lose weight. While you really need to believe in yourself, it’s not easy when your close friends don’t believe in you. Not when they are trying to make you believe otherwise.

3. They encourage you to cheat once in a while


‘Don’t be too hard on yourself’, they will tell you. And that ‘once in a while’ kind of cheating later becomes an everyday thing. Poor soul, you need to get yourself, new friends.

4. The parties are all about food

And you just can’t resist the delicacies and you end up cheating on your diet over and over.

5. New restaurants


They invite you to sample different restaurants and they really want you to try some food that they liked. Mind you, the food you should be sampling is completely the opposite of what you should be eating for your weight loss.

6. They are jealous

Not every friend wants you to accomplish your goals. Instead of encouraging you to hit the road, they will suggest you go for a drink. And just before you down your glass of wine, they refill it. They are always getting on your way and blocking your effort to lose weight. They even give you cake and chocolate just to make sure you don’t get there (Really? Hahaa).


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