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Here's a quick and easy way to remove that annoying liquid matte lipstick

Ladies, no more staining your pillows after nights out

The reason why most of us ladies love the liquid matte lipstick is that it lasts all day or all night without you necessary having to addi some more throughout the day. In fact, you can eat and drink as much as you want to and the matte lippie will still be there. These days, there are so many brands of matte lippies that come in a tone of colors to select from. But every good thing has its negative side.

We can all collectively agree that taking off the matte lipstick is a task all together. You will literally try scrubbing it off with a tissue, soft toothbrush, face towel and still, there will be bits of it left till the next day. The problem with not fully taking it all out is that the residues make your lips look chapped and if you try applying lipstick you will not have a smooth finish, which is more often than not an eyesore. If you have been looking for an easy all-natural method to remove the matte liquid lipstick then today is your lucky day because we will school you on how to do that in a matter of seconds. No more staining your pillows after nights out!


All you need is liquid natural oil such as coconut or olive oil, baby wet wipes and cotton buds.


1. So, all you need to do is dip the cotton bud in the natural oil, you can use olive oil or coconut oil. Then rub the cotton bud all over your lips.

2. Once you’ve fully rubbed the matte lippie base off, you’ll be left with a mix of the matte lipstick with the oil.

Now, take your baby wipe and remove the residue.


3. It will all come out with so much ease. No scrubbing, no pain, just easy peasy.


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