Oily face: 6 ways to make your makeup last longer

An oily skin is an added benefit to your body.

Letting your oily skin determine whether or not you will put on some makeup is limiting.

While the extra oil will give you a greasy shine, it will keep you looking younger for longer. The problem comes in when we talk about makeup.

Embrace it.

Letting your oily skin determine whether or not you will put on some makeup is limiting. If you've got an oily face like mine then you know the hustle of spot shining by midday. It's the worst. Most often than not, it seems like a good idea to forego makeup all the way.

But you don't have to.

Here are seven ways to keep your makeup intact for a whole day.

1. Use a primer

The first step to longer lasting makeup is using a primer. This will settle the makeup by laying the ground for its application. Use a primer along your T-zone (Forehead, nose, and chin). Choose a mattifying, oil free primer before you put on any other makeup.

2. Opt for lighter foundation and powder

Piling a lot of foundation and powder for a long lasting look feels like the right to do. However, it could clog your pores and make you skin produce even more oil.

The secret is to only apply where necessary. Also, use a matte formula that will help with cutting the shine.

3. Keep blotting papers

A harsh truth you need to embrace is that whatever the case, your face will still shine at some point. Always carry blotting papers with you to help reduce the oil.

The trick to using blotting papers without taking off all of your makeup is to press the paper where you’re oily and then roll it off your skin, instead of rubbing the paper on your skin.

4. Use oil free makeup

As your face is already producing excessive oil, opt for oil-free cosmetic products especially the foundation. Also, use facial cleansers that contain oil control products such as salicylic acids.

5. Steam

Once or twice a week treat your skin to a good ol' steam session. This will open your pores and reduce the amount of oil in your skin. Remember to wash with cold water immediately after steaming to make sure that your pores close up after the heat.

6. Exfoliate

Scrub and mask your face once a week to keep it clean, healthy and free of dead skin. Exfoliating will also ensure that all the extra makeup will be removed from your skin and reduce the amount of oil it produces.


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