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5 foundation mistakes you're probably making

Avoid looking like a clown

If you can’t do your makeup well, you’re better off steering clear of the whole face beat thing or take time to read and learn from the best in the game such as beauty vloggers.

One of the things that many ladies just can’t seem to get right is foundation. Foundation is necessary as it creates an even skin tone and hides blemishes. Unfortunately, most of us end up making many mistakes when buying or applying and we don’t even realize it.


Here are foundation mistakes you’re probably making.

1. Buying the wrong shade.

First of all, no, the foundation should not match your face however, it should be a shade close to your complexion. Always have the ladies at the beauty store assist you by testing the shade before purchase.

2. Speaking of testing, stop testing it on your hands.

Most of the times, your hand is darker than your face. So, if you test on your hand, that could end up being misleading and you could purchase the wrong shade. Test on your face say under the eyes, jawline or nose.


3. Using your fingers to apply.

Unless you’re a pro, you need to use the right foundation brush and apply in circular motion. Blend properly and remember to cover your neck, jawline and ears to have an even look. Once you’re through, dab your face with a sponge to collect any excess foundation.

4. Applying way too much foundation.

This will end up looking cakey. In fact, foundation is not meant to be applied all over your face but only on the parts needed. Still, you can apply all over the face but sparingly…and do remember to apply primer and moisturizer before applying the foundation.


5. Not using natural light.

Have you ever applied foundation then came out of the house only to realize you look like the Mask or something? Lol always re-check with natural light to be sure.


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