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Ladies, here is why you should ditch your makeup and be a natural babe


The showbiz world was stunned a while back when Alicia Keys announced that she will no longer be wearing makeup. Surprisingly, the RnB queen has actually managed to stick to her words as the all natural look has become her signature look.

While a number of us females feel the need to always look pretty in makeup, there are many benefits of actually not wearing makeup and if you can manage to stay makeup free, that would be good for you. Sure, you can always apply makeup every now and then like on special occasions like a wedding. Otherwise, here are some benefits of not wearing makeup:


1. You will save loads of money.

Makeup costs an arm and leg, especially if we are talking legit products cause, you do not want to use knock-offs that can irritate your skin. Plus, remember you will also need products to take the makeup off and if you do the math, that's a lot of money that you can actually save and spend on more important stuff.

2. Your skin will breathe.

The same makeup that you're applying to cover up your blemishes and pimples, could be the same thing that's actually causing them. Makeup contains chemicals that could be bad for your skin and the layers of makeup that you apply block your pores. When you go makeup free, you allow your skin to breathe and it's almost like that much needed skin detox or cleanse. Your skin will glow and even though it might be hard to be in public with no makeup, you will regain your confidence with time.

3. You will look younger.


Sometimes, makeup makes you look older. There are some makeup techniques such as using too much foundation and super dark eyeliner that can end up making you look much older than you really are.

4. You will save time.

How long does it take you to get all dolled up? Normally, for a full face beat, you can even take up to thirty minutes. Going makeup free will save you time and you can do something else with that time such as a quick morning work out before heading out.

5. You don't have to worry about clothes stains.

Yeah, we all know that those lipstick and foundation stains can be quite stubborn.


6.  You can also hug people and let people hug you easily without worrying about your makeup getting smudged or staining their clothes.

7. You can give your man the best French kiss he has ever had without worrying about lipstick smudging.

8. You will look like the real you and you will still be that beautiful queen.

Hashtag you woke up like this!


9. In all honesty, you actually do not need it.

Which is actually cool, because you do not have to worry about getting the makeup techniques right, wondering if your foundation can be seen at the hairline and all that shebang.

10. Lastly, you can cry, sweat and laugh till you snort without having to worry about your makeup getting ruined.

Oh and not forgetting that you can sleep wherever whenever.


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