7 warning signs of post-partum depression new mothers should be aware of

Signs it could be more than just "baby blues".

A continuous feeling of sadness and hopelessness after giving birth is something that shouldn’t be ignored and taken lightly however as it could indicate early signs of post-partum depression.

Here are some signs to look out for:

1.The feelings of sadness and hopelessness consume your thoughts

If you are constantly feeling sad and putting yourself down as a mother, then you may be exhibiting the early warning signs of post-partum depression.

2.Baby blues don’t go away

As mentioned earlier, it is normal to experience dips in moods after giving birth but if those symptoms still persist for more than two weeks then it may be time to speak to a professional about the way you are feeling.

3.Sleep patterns change

4.Significant stressful changes in your life could also contribute to post-partum depression

Stressors, whether emotional or physical can be a contributing factor to developing post-partum depression e.g issues with a partner.

5.You contemplate harming yourself

Or even your baby. This is an advanced case of post-partum depression and if you ever have such feelings, you should speak to someone about how you are feeling.

6.Loss of interest in things you used to enjoy

Activities that you used to enjoy doing are no longer fun to you. No matter how much you try to make them enjoyable again, you can’t seem to get passed.

7.You worry about being a good mom

Every mother has, if not openly, felt this way about raising their children. Constantly doubting your mothering skills could indicate something different. If you can’t shake off the feeling, ensure to seek medical advice.

Post-partum depression can be treated in different ways as indicated here.


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