What different colours of your vaginal discharge mean

Conditions may also depend on consistency

They may be signs of an underlying condition that needs treatment. It can also refer to what you are currently going through physiologically.

Colours of your discharge could mean the following:

White discharge

This is usually normal.

If there is a bad odour, an itch or thick, cheesy, consistency- this could signify a yeast infection. Should there be pelvic pain as well this could be bacterial vaginosis or an STI.

Clear and watery discharge

This is normal and can happen at any time of the month.

It can occur after a heavy workout.

Clear and stretchy discharge

This could be a sign that you are ovulating.

Brown and bloody discharge

Normal especially if immediately before or after menstruation.

If experienced and you have had unprotected sex, it could be an indication of pregnancy.

If pregnant, it could be a sign of a miscarriage.

Yellow discharge

This could be normal.

But if it is thick, chunky and has a bad odour, then it is a sign of trichomoniasis.

Green discharge

This is abnormal and a sign of infection. This could be a sign of an STI.


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