Banana peel comes with loads of nutrients and carbohydrate that helps the skin against wrinkles, fines lines and a lot of skin blemishes.

Facial wrinkles occur at a point in people's lives when the skin loses elasticity, becoming noticeably loose, droops and loses its firmness!

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Though sometimes, skin aging and wrinkles could happen naturally, they also arise as a result of lifestyle habits like smoking, it's never pleasant and while there are a lot of over the counter creams and beauty procedures to tackle this, a natural home remedy without side effects is always a great idea.

Simple home remedies with natural ingredients are always healthy options to use for the skin as they are natural/organic and there are usually never adverse reactions.

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Banana peel is easy to use to get rid of acne and its scars leaving the skin clear and blemish free and it's done in very easy steps.

What you need

Banana Peel


Note: Only use fresh banana peels