Sleep has been shown to have many benefits that help improve your overall health.

However, you need to sleep well to make sure you receive those benefits.

Some of the advantages include: reducing stress and lowers risk of diabetes and heart disease.

These are habits you should have if you want a good rest.

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1. Change your sheets once every two weeks

Even more frequently if possible. This will minimize odours making for more peaceful sleep especially for people with allergies.

2. Use natural fibre sheets

These better regulate your body temperature compared to synthetic sheets.

3. Sleep in the position that best suits you health-wise

Sleeping on your side boosts brain power according to Express UK.

4. Sleep naked

Sleeping naked makes it easier to regulate your body temperature. It also allows your pores to open up and enables your skin to breathe easier.

5. Avoid using your phone before bed

The unnatural light from the screens prevents the production of melatonin which is the hormone that helps induce sleep.