The best way to nail brows for everyday look

Evi Westwick shows how to nail the perfect brows for everyday in easy steps.

Evi Westwick start out defining the brows with pencil

Brows can be defined/tamed using brows gels, fillers and even pencils which are intended to be used on the brows to enhance their appearances and give picture perfect definition but this is achieved over time with constant practise and the blogger shows how to do it for everyday wear.

Note that eyebrows shouldn't be drawn from the beginning, the edges are supposed to be left to look as natural as possible. Filling should come after the edges and should be done in sparse areas to make them look as natural as possible.

She does it in simple easy steps using a well sharpened brow pencil- it's best to choose this in a colour that matches the hairs on the brows for a natural look:

-She starts by outlining the brow area, drawing the entire length, breadth and giving a whole definition to the brow area. She traces the lines along her natural brow shape both under and over drawing in light strokes.

-She fills in the sparse areas with eyebrow powder gently and then brush in product with a spoolie to achieve a natural looking brow.

-To neaten the brows, she uses concealer to define over and under the natural brow areas for a clean look.

-Proceed with other makeup application steps.


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