Kenyan youth spend Sh5,000 monthly on bets, GeoPoll

The survey focused on five countries in sub-Saharan Africa — Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.

The 50 per cent of youth use their addictive mobile phones to bet.

The survey conducted by GeoPoll shows 76 per cent of Kenyan youths bet using football matches, compared to 57 per cent of Uganda’s youths.

“A majority have never won any amount above Sh5,000. Youth elsewhere spend less than $50 (Sh5,0000 ) per month and bet only once a month,” read the report

Ghana had the lowest number at 42 per cent.

A total of 3,879 people were sampled in the poll that was conducted last Monday.

“Among the most popular gambling options, football betting reigns in all countries except in South Africa. Kenyan youth bet the most with 79 per cent of bets placed on football matches. In South Africa, lotteries are preferred to football, casino, racing and poker,” reads the report in part.

The report also shows gambling is becoming popular among African men because of their high affinity for sports and the proliferation of local sports betting players.

Read the whole report here


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