Trend alert - Straw bags (Photos)

Check out how fashionistas are styling the bag

Okay, new is not really the word. Straw bags started making their way into the fashion streets in 2017 and crossed over into 2018. Straw and Bamboo bags date way back to the olden days when women used readily available materials to make bags which they would use to carry food and other items. And now, the straw and Bamboo bag is making its way back in a fashion-ey way. As a matter of fact, it is without a doubt the summer wardrobe staple of 2018.

This year has had some uber cool hat and bag trends and we are totally here for the straw bags. If you're one to keep up with fashion and style, I bet you cannot scroll the gram without coming across a fashion IT girl carrying a straw bag or using it as a prop. The bag comes in many sizes, shapes and designs and you can also go for a fancy Bamboo bag if that's your preference. While the cute small summery straw bags are more popular, you could also go for the bigger straw bags for shopping, a picnic or hitting the beach.

The bag effortlessly complements a casual style and can be paired with a summery outfit for the weekend to give off that relaxed casual-yet-stylish vibe.

Here's how fashion aficionados are styling the bag:


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