5 types of shoes to rock during this cold season

Don't lose your glam this cold season.

Don't lose your glam this cold season.

But you don't have to.

Style is all about how to rock whatever piece and make it look good. With shoes, its all about the pairing. No, you don't have to be in boots all season. There are so many fashionable designs you can rock and still keep warm.

Check these out.

1. Lita shoes

Fashionable, sexy and comfortable; lita shoes are for the die hard fashionista's with a knack for heels. Their beauty lies in the fact that you can pair them with anything from pants to dresses.

2. Ngoma

While these don't fit the bill for warm shoes, Bata's ngoma are ideal for rainy seasons. Beyond retailing at an incredibly low price, their material allows them to dry faster and clean easy if you find yourself in a puddle.

3. Wedges

Forget sandal wedges and go for a closed fit. Wedges will give you the same outlook as high heels with a more comfortable stepping for rocky places. Also, wedges are great for the cold weather, their extra padding should keep your toes warm and toasty.

4.  Plastic shoes

Also called condom shoes *sic, plastic shoes are great for the rainy season.  While they won't keep you warm, plastic shoes clean easy after getting wet. You just have to wipe off the water and you're good to go. You can keep a pair for just walking in the rain and change to something else once you setttle.

5. Timberlands

Man the weather with a pair of timberlands. Fashioned for men, Timberlands are heavy with deep trends to keep you warm and steady when walking in slippery places. You can wear them with anything.

6. Boots

Always keep a pair... or five just for this time of the year. Conventionally made for this, boots should keep you trendy and stylish , whatever the design. From ankle boots to thigh highs, there is huge variety to choose from.


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