5 common fashion trends that people think are stylish but aren't

It's a nay for us

I definitely like it when people get creative when it comes to fashion, say, pairing a basic outfit with stylish items to make it pop. They say that fashion has no rules, you can really wear anything these days. You can even start a trend on your own, remember when Rihanna wore a long shirt underneath a short denim skirt? She looked pretty cool right?

Then again, that's Rihanna and she can get away with almost anything. But I feel like people abuse the whole, 'there are no rules in fashion' thing. Some trends are really not cute or stylish but we will wear them simply because they're the new wave or they have a label.

For instance, here are fashion trends that people think are stylish but aren't:

1. Perspex trend.

I think the only cute perspex trend is the clutch bag and visor hat. The rest, madness.

2. I mean, how do the feet smell after being in such shoes?

3. And who told people wearing clothes backwards is cute and stylish? It's not creativity. It looks odd and unflattering.

4. Leaving the house in a biker.

This trend, bike shorts by Yeezy should probably be left for Kim K cause she kills it. The rest of us humans look like we forgot to wear pants or a skirt.

5. Fake designer.

In my opinion, if you cannot afford proper real designer, you're better off buying something cute that's not fake designer. Like a cute vintage bag that will still stand out and look unique. I'm so tired of seeing all these fake Guccis man. Lol.

6. Overly oversized clothes.

Not even Riri can make that look cute. Nah.


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