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4 tips on how to wash your jeans and keep them from fading

How to keep your favorite jeans from fading.

Everyone has gone through that heartbreak when their favorite pair of dark jeans start fading. They start to look old and don’t compliment your outfit no matter what you pair them with.

Keeping the color intact however all boils down to how they are washed however. Here are 4 tips on how to wash your jeans and keep them from fading.

1.Don’t wash them all the time


The more you wash your dark jeans, the higher the chances of the color fading away. Instead of always doing a full wash on jeans, opt to clean out stains with a cloth and water.

This should minimize the risk of your jeans fading fast.

2.Wash them inside out

Always wash your jeans inside out to protect the outside of the jeans. This shields the fabric from breaking down due to the constant washing which makes them appear faded.


3.Wash your dark jeans in cold water

Cold water helps keep the fibers in dark jeans from losing color.

4.Hang them inside out

When drying your jeans, turn them inside out before hanging them. If possible avoid hanging them in direct sunlight as it makes them fade more.


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