5 tips to help you buy shoes that fit

For those that struggle to find shoes that fit; this one's for you.

Just ask women that have little feet or those that have big feet.

For women with big feet, they may find their shoe size but their foot may be too wide to fit. On the other hand, for women with small feet they may find a shoe that they like but the fit may end up looking like they are trying to hard to be a grown up.

Oh, and a very important issue is the fact that neither one can ever share shoes. *sigh*

Every obstacle has a solution though.

For those that struggle to find a shoe that fits, here are some tips to help ease the process.

1.Trace your foot

Remember how your mom or dad would have you trace your foot on a piece of paper whenever they were going to buy for you new shoes? Well, it’s time to unshelf this technique and apply it on your shoe finding quest.

If the shoe does not fit on your foot tracing, then do not bother buying it.

2.Shop for shoes in the afternoon

Especially a hot afternoon. Your feet usually expand during this time of the day.

3.Always have your feet measured

Your feet either grow larger or wider with age. Ensure your feet are always measured before picking a shoe.

4.Comfort first

Always try on shoes and walk around in them to feel how comfortable they are. If you feel any form of discomfort, it isn’t worth buying them.

5.Consider the length and width of the shoe

You may be a size seven but your size seven may be a wide size seven.


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