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6 mistakes to avoid when buying shoes

How to pick shoes the right way.

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This is probably because of mistakes you made that you probably weren't even aware that you were making when you bought the shoes.

Here are mistakes to avoid:

1. Trying on the shoe on one foot


You need to test both shoes since you will be wearing them together.

2. Wearing the wrong socks

When buying shoes, ensure you are wearing the socks you'll be pairing with the socks otherwise you may get a wrong fit.

3. Not walking in them

Ensure that when you try on the shoes you try to walk a bit in them. How do they feel against your toes? Your heel? Your ankle? Do the straps dig into your skin? etc.


4. Buying them at the wrong time

Best time to buy shoes is in the evening after you've been on your feet all day because your feet will have swollen.

5. Walking on one surface

If the store or vendor allows it, try walking on tile surface, concrete and even dirt. Instead of only trying them on the carpet of the store or the mat where the shoes are kept. This helps you figure out how slippery the shoes are.

6. Not testing zippers, laces, straps etc.


Always make sure you test these to see how comfortable your feet are in them and whether or not they actually work. Try to see how strong they are so that you don't risk a strap that easily breaks.


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