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8 affordable ways to look expensive when you're broke

How to look like a million bob on a budget

Discount shopping

Sales are highly underrated. Some people avoid them because they think that buying part of the bulk stock will make them run the risk of sharing outfits with other people. But the odds of this are very low.

Buying clearance stock is also a great way to save money.


Seek high end stores with deals

When you walk around town, you will find stores that have high end merchandise but also have deals. Whether the deals are for bulk purchases or get a free voucher after buying two pairs of shoes, always try buying at such stores for high quality at extended value.

Fast sales

Online stores like Kilimall always have quick sales where fast moving stock has a fire sale. They have unique, cheap and stylish clothes. Fashion and style bloggers also promote stores which have affordable clothes and shoes.

Thrift shopping can also be done online where stores sell clothes at throwaway prices and you can purchase from the comfort of your couch.


Market value

The market is a sure place to get quality clothes at reasonable prices. Be it Toi, Think Twice, Muthurwa or Gikomba- merchandise there will always be affordable and when you really look for it, you may even get that Balenciaga leather jacket someone from China so thoughtlessly tossed away.


Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it. A good Yves St. Laurent copy can be bought at cheap prices if you know where to look. The YSL logo will be visible. The stitching can be redone by your local cobbler and you can add a silk lining recreated by a tailor. You’ll look like that $5000 bag but only you will know it’s really not worth that much.

Get fitting clothes


When you dress your body appropriately, you will always look excellent. Wear shirts, pants, dresses, skirts or jeans that fit your perfectly. If they don’t when you buy them, you should get them to a tailor.

Colour coordinate

Every fashion season has its trending colours. Try to wear fitting clothes that are in coordination with those colours. In Nairobi, you can never go wrong with Ankara, black or white.

The right shoe

Shoes never really evolve much. When investing in a pair of shoes, ensure that you get that trend that never really dies out. Also make sure that you either invest in long lasting quality or buy many cheap ones- whichever is friendlier to your wallet. Shoes like ballet pumps, wedges, stilettos never really go out of style.



When buying accessories always buy the ones made with durable materials. Buy jewellery made with beads, bronze, obsidian or gourds. Avoid copper or poorly gold plated items as they fade or oxidize in time making them stain your skin or look like they lost a fight with gravel.


You can purchase cheap clothes then have them customized to look trendy or unique. You can also buy clean plain white or black shirts then have big buttons or have them embroidered to suit your personality or mood.


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