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These photos of Pinky Ghelani twinning with her daughter will warm your heart

Aww, serving mommy-daughter cuteness

While lurking through her glamorous gram, one might get the impression that parenting has been an easy walk in the park for the mother of two. But that's not the case. Pinky, had to go through a total of four miscarriages when she was trying to get pregnant and she's been very vocal about her miscarriages in a bid to encourage struggling moms and those who cannot conceive to believe in themselves and in their child's destiny as well as have faith.

Pinky and her first born, Ariyana have a very tight mother-daughter bond. It's really not hard to see how close the two of them are. In one of the Instagram posts, Pinky dedicates a touching beautiful message to her daughter and writes:

"Ariyana's birthday month is here! Motherhood doesn't come with a manual.. and now with my mum not being able to guide me, I really am figuring this out by myself. I want to teach her to be kind but to be strong, to show her that her beauty should be from how she feels and acts not only from what she looks like.Bringing up a daughter is hard work - will I do it right? Will I scar her? Will I be able to let her go so that she can experience life for herself? Will I impose my dreams upon her or let her find herself and excel?My role as a mum is always being checked by myself. But I know she's fierce, she's wise and she has a fantastic head on her shoulders. She is funny and honest, independent and creative. I know her role in some ways is to teach me a few tricks about life...She really is a miracle. Thank you all who read about my struggle to conceive and who prayed for Raj and I to have children. Look how far we have come. God is good, let him give me grace to raise her in a way that allows her to become all that she's meant to be.."


Quite a beautiful message right? Here are cute photos of them twinning in matching clothes.

1. Florals for the win.

2. Mommy daughter weekend casual slay.

3. The glam look.

4. Beach-y vibes.


5. Yoga partners.

6. Mommy and her little army.


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