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Most striking looks spotted at the Nairobi Thrift Social event (Photos)

A review of the event and the most eye catching looks

The event curated by sibling duo Velma Rossa and Oliver Asike made its debut as a small close knit gathering of fashion and music lovers but has managed to gain a massive clout in just a span of three years. Nairobi Thrift Social is arguably the coolest event in Kenya, characterized by over the top eclectic styles sprinkled with a dash of Afrocentric and Afro-futuristic vibes, thrift shopping, and overall, an afternoon of food, fashion and music. A first-timer at the event may feel lost, surrounded by so many afro-chic and afro-punk looks. Thrift Social is all about dressing up. I like to think of it or compare it to Afro Punk Festival, a festival that celebrates black culture in all aspects, from the natural hair movement to styles that pay homage to African roots. I’m talking tribal marks or tribal inspired hairstyles, and outfits that make a statement.

The Thrift Social team has done well for itself and for this edition that was held at Uhuru Gardens, they brought Oshun, an American independent Hip-Hop/Soul duo, Shekhinah, a singer/songwriter from Durban, South Africa, best known for her hit 'Suited' and then had Sauti Sol as the main act. Mixmaster Lenny was on the decks while Barack Jacuzzi was the hype MC.

While the sets started a bit late, one thing for sure is that all the artistes gave a stellar performance. Oshun was the first on stage and boy! Their energy, their energy was unparalleled. A majority of us could not sing along to their songs but it was just lovely to watch them rap away, dance and hype up the crowd; it was like watching TLC live. Oshun, the petite badasss babes who came to Nairobi and left us with positive energy. Next on stage was the gorgeous Shekhinah and her set was outstanding. Her vocals quickly reminded you that she was the top 6 at M-net’s SA Idols and her debut album 'Rose Gold' was certified gold earlier this year. So, obviously, she was not one to come and disappoint. Clad in a short denim skirt, with leggings, an oversized jacket and a turban, Shekhinah gave it her all. Her set comprised of a number of songs with in between 'Kwaito' breaks where the crowd did their very best versions of the popular Gwara Gwara dance and she ended the set with her hit single 'Suited' and well, the crowd went wild. But, that was not all folks, we still had Sauti Sol! Urgh guys, if you weren’t there, the FOMO should be real.


Sauti Sol started their set with the old-school hit songs, from their first album ‘Mwanzo’, such as ‘Lazizi’, which culminated into the new-school Sauti Sol hits such as 'Melanin'. Their energy was unmatched and to say that they did not give it their 100% would be an atrocity of the highest standard. They involved the crowd by having people sing along, join them on stage, played the instruments, yes Bien was serenading us with the guitar while Savara went hard on the drums...and oh, we had a great display of their famous abs thanks to Bien and Chimano’s outfits. These boys have quite the sex appeal RIGGGGHT? They completed the set with Bien exiting the stage to Odi to 'Short n Sweet' with the ultra-hyped revelers.

After the event, I asked myself "What could’ve been better?". I really don’t want to hustle for drinks at a concert. The drinks section was quite disorganized as you had to pay cash to get a ticket which you’d then hand over at the bar, to get a drink. Do I like the system, mmmh maybe not. Revelers need to be able to purchase drinks quickly and seamlessly as the point is to get fucking lit, so that’s definitely something they can improve on. The toilet situation was rather unsavoury. Portaloos need to be cleaned frequently and it appears as if the guys in charge of the loos just vanished after setting up the toilets, cause damn, that whole situash was baaaaad. I loved the variety of fashion at the pop-up stores and even copped myself a cute chunky sweater. From jewelry to body art to cotton candy, there was something for everyone. Since Tuborg beer was one of the sponsors, there was even a fun interactive booth where revelers got to take cute gifs which were sent to them immediately. I thought that was cool. Like, who doesn't love gifs?

But what was even cooler was the fashion. Oh, the looks were out of this world, you guys. Fashion trends such as perspex, ruffles and exaggerated statement sleeves could be easily spotted. African prints and jewelry were common too, seeing as the theme was ‘Made in Kenya’. My favorite had to be all the stunning black hairstyles spanning from chunky braids to gorgeous faux locs, space buns, extensions with Marley hair and all other styles out there that were simply dripping in pizzazz.

I really have spoken so much, in fact, I think I'm blabbering now. I hope I haven't been such a bore, it’s time to see those looks.

Ch ch check out some of the most striking looks at Thrift Social.


1. Sharon was funky in African print pants with a front thigh slit and a sheer overskirt.

We love that she paired the pants with a denim vest and worker boots. Also, peep that hairstyle? Nice huh?

2. Jay showed us how to rock a Kimono. Wait, is that actually a Kimono or just a long shirt? We like it though!

3. Who needs accessories when you have body art?

4. Twinning is winning.


The wrap crop top is so on trend and you can actually DIY one if you have none. We love how the lady with the crop top tied her hair into a Chinese inspired fringe bun.

5. Her chunky braids gave us so much life.

6. Odhiambo with the good hair.

The perspex trend is still so in. In fact, the other day Rihanna was spotted carrying a plastic bag. If you know, you know...

7. Eddy was giving us fashion week street style vibes.


8. The Dashiki is enduring. You really can never go wrong with it.

9. "What inspired your look miss?" We asked. "Barbie", she replied.

Creative, different, very different. I'd probably never step out in such an outfit in a million years. But I'd also never have this lady's confidence. Do you boo.

10. This gent was like "It's Burberry, make sure it shows in the photo" hehe.


Well, when you rock designer you better work bitch! *Insert Britney Spears voice*

11. Oh Muthoni was such a darling. Very friendly and absolutely stunning in her vintage look.

12. Her faux locs were just everything. All that and a bag of chips!! I mean, look at them!

13. Cold weather style done right.

Worker boots check, cashmere trench check, stylish scarf, check. Whole look? Double check.


15. Really loved the idea of Fulani braids and a chunky turban.

Have you coped yourself one? Well, here's how to use it as an accessory to add oomph to your look.

17. Flared ruffled bottoms, a matching turban, colorful fanny pack and a sheer top. Tres chic!

18. Very trendy styles.


Ruffles seem to be still in if we what we are seeing on fashion aficionados is anything to go by.

19. Yes, men too can rock Kimonos and accessories.

20. I love two things about this look. The use of safety pins as hair accessories and the Tusker tee.

21. Statement sleeves were a huge trend at the event. What do we think of them? Loooove.


22. Ah these two gents looked pretty fashion-forward, we had to take a photo.

Which was your favorite look?


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