The five top notch Kenyan fashion trends

This is the fashion trends that Kenyans are into........

When you walk along the streets of the city you will notice different looks and styles that people have put on. Therefore here are some of the most popular fashion trends that  Kenyans love.

1. Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt has gained popularity among women in Kenya. It looks classy and very fashionable for those who are working.

The pencil skirt began in the 1940s and was created by designer Christian Dior. It was known as the H-Line pencil skirt but it was so tight that the women who wore them had a lot of difficulty walking. The problem was particularly severe because the skirt’s length went below the knee. This gave rise to slits. Slits were not just fashionable but a necessity for the women to be comfortable.

2. Kitenge

It has its origin from the Kiswahili word Kitengele. The Kitenge has gained a lot of traction among Kenyans and particularly the urban youth. Tailors have creatively taken the material and shaped them into various fashion designs.

Both men and women can have their cloth made in Kitenge e.g dresses, trousers, suits and shirts.

International icons like Beyonce, Gwen Stefanie, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and many more have also worn kitenge made designs.

The Kitenge originated from East Africa communities where the Kanga used to be sold. The material is beautiful because of its unique patterns and colours.

3. Natural Hair

Women have started taking up natural hair as an upcoming fashion trend. It is not very clear who and when it started. However it began when black women in the United States and United Kingdom started campaigning for natural hair.

It particularly became famous in Kenya and as a result Michelle Ntalami began Marini Naturals in 2013. Marini Naturals is a company that produces hair care products for natural hair.

Team natural hair has been growing with afros and short hair for women. Women have been diverse in styling natural hair by dying it in different colours in order to look unique.

4. Wristbands

Kenyan flag branded wristbands have been used to promote peace and patriotism. They started as a product of exotic Maasai culture which has now spread all over across the country.

They are sold commonly on the streets and curio shops. President Uhuru Kenyatta is known for wearing the Kenyan branded wristbands.

5. Head Wraps

Women use the head wraps on bad hair days. The head wraps are used to compliment the outfit and make the person look outstanding. If you have a boring outfit the head wrap is a way swaying attention from the outfit.

The trend has become popular because it celebrates the African heritage.


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