The last two years have been quite difficult for Wema Sepetu.

The Tanzanian top actress lost her twins through a miscarriage, got arrested over highly incriminating drug charges and broke up with her hottie fiance, Idris Sultan.

But while life dealt her a tough deck of cards, Wema has proven time and time again that she is built of very strong mettle. Though she didn’t play the cards so close to her heart, as we got to see them all over social media, she did it with poise and grace.

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Wema warmed her way into so many hearts with her bubbly personality and great body. It's no secret that the former Miss Tanzania 2006 is drop gorgeous.

Beyond her looks and body being goals for so many women, Wema has an eclectic sense of fashion and style.

Here are a few dinner gown ideas you can steal from her.