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5 times Boina has proved she's the queen of insatiable appetite

One of the things that sets Boina apart is her ability to consume vast quantities of food in a single sitting.

A screenshot image of TikToker Boina

In the world of social media, where trends come and go like passing clouds, one phenomenon has captured the attention of Kenyans and beyond.

Meet Boina, a TikTok sensation whose claim to fame is her seemingly insatiable appetite. With each video she shares, Boina invites viewers into her world of hearty meals and abundant snacks, leaving them astounded by the sheer quantity of food she consumes in a day.

Boina's journey to social media stardom began in 2023 when she started sharing videos of her daily eating habits on TikTok.


What started as a simple documentation of her meals quickly garnered attention, with her follower count steadily rising as more people tuned in to watch her culinary adventures.

One of the things that sets Boina apart is her ability to consume vast quantities of food in a single sitting.

From hearty breakfasts to indulgent snacks and sumptuous dinners, Boina leaves no meal unfinished.

Her videos have become a source of fascination for many, with some even likening her appetite to that of construction workers.


Throughout her time on TikTok, Boina has treated her followers to special editions of her eating escapades on various holidays and occasions. Let's take a closer look at some of the memorable feasts Boina has enjoyed:

On December 12, 2023, Boina celebrated Jamhuri Day with a feast fit for royalty. From kebabs to naan bread, roasted potatoes to grilled goat ribs, Boina spared no expense in showcasing her appetite for all to see.


For Mashujaa Day, Boina indulged in a spread that included boiled eggs, sausage, samosas, pancakes, spaghetti, Mokimo, nyama choma, and more. Her dedication to enjoying every bite knows no bounds.

Christmas Day saw Boina enjoying a breakfast of tea, cake, and bananas, followed by chocolate vanilla ice cream and crisps for a mid-morning snack.


Her main meal featured ndengu, rice, chapati, butter chicken, and spinach, proving that she knows how to celebrate in style.

Even on Good Friday, Boina didn't hold back, starting her day with cereal, boiled eggs, and mandazi before moving on to chapati, ndengu, avocado, and beef stew for lunch.


Boina wrapped up the Easter weekend with a breakfast of tea, boiled eggs, and mandazi, followed by a shawarma snack and a lunch spread featuring rice, chapati, chicken, and avocado.

She ended the day with muffins and a special drink, ensuring that she went out with a bang.


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