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Dangerous food combinations to avoid at all costs

Be warned

Pizza and soda(White Water)

Next time you are planning your meal, be keen on what foods you put together. Some food combinations could wreak havoc in your system and even make you sick.

Here are some foods you should never combine:

1. Milk and banana


This combination doesn’t sound like a bad one but it’s believed to be one of the heaviest combinations you can ever have. Once the meal gets in your stomach, it slows down your mind as well as your digestive system.

2. Milk and lemons

When you add lemon juice to milk, it coagulates. The same thing happens in your stomach if you have them both at the same time. The acidity can cause stomach problems and heartburn.

3. Two high proteins


Bacon and eggs, beef and milk or any high animal protein combination should be avoided. Protein is hard to digest combining two proteins at ago will strain your digestive system and can also upset your stomach.

4. Pizza and soda

We all love having a glass of soda every time we are taking pizza. Even so, this combination is not the best and you might end up with a bloated stomach. The proteins in the pizza are difficult to digest, and the sugars in the soda even makes the process slower.

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5. Milk and antibiotics


You have heard the doctor warning you against taking dairy products after prescribing antibiotics. The two never work well together. The Calcium in daily also hinders the healing process.


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