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Funniest/Weirdest combo of foods Kenyans have made.

Wakenya mna mambo

Mixed food

While some Kenyans make scrumptious food, there's a special group of Kenyans that are oddly creative when it comes to kitchen matters. They are always inventing new food recipes and yes, some of them are to die for. But others are mhm...funny, interesting or is it disappointing? Well, even if we can't tell the taste by looking, I believe delicious food should at least look delicious. And the meals some Kenyans have made are not something anyone would salivate for.

We have collected photos of some of the funniest foods we have seen on the internet from Kenyans over the years. Be the judge:

1. What do you think about this meal? Is it laziness or being creative?


2. Seems like these fish never had enough of the swimming in the lake. Or maybe the chef was trying to resurrect them?

3. If you find the owner of this meal, please tell them that we would want to know more about the meal as well as it health benefits.

4. Again, we have no idea what this person was eating. Maybe it's yummy and nutritious but the look?


5. The food is okay but the combination confused. Anyway, bora uhai.

6. When you really must eat samosas but the pockets won't cooperate, make something like this. Shape doesn't really matter, does it?


7. We just hope that the owner enjoyed this meal. Otherwise, this is the sort of food you only eat when you are out of options.

All the photos are from Let's cook Kenyans meals Facebook group.


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